Australian Golf Academy

The Australian Golf Academy (AGA) has been set up to uniformly and efficiently train junior advancing and serious golfers to their highest potential.

At Australian Golf Academy we employ the American Golf Teachers method as a basis for the instruction and each individual is encouraged to develop a natural on-plane action.

We don’t concentrate only on swing mechanics but advance our students in other areas such as practice techniques, course management and tournament preparation.

AGA’s teaching philosophy is to provide an environment of learning that encompasses all the other important areas of the game of golf apart from just the swing itself. Psychology, fitness and nutrition are all important in the long-term prospects of any golfer.

If you are dedicated to your goals and ready to take your game to the next level, plan your training with a stay at Australian Golf Academy (AGA).

Australian Golf Academy is an affiliated company of The Australian Golf Teachers Federation (Member of the World Golf Teachers Federation).
AGA Principles of Golf Improvement

  1. Develop a sound, repeatable, powerful swing of ease based on The American Golf Teachers method (swing plane based instruction).
  2. Develop a great short game.
  3. Become a great putter.
  4. Learn how to practice efficiently.
  5. Learn to play on the course using developed skills.
  6. Set your goals.
  7. Learn how to manage your mind for golf.
  8. Be fit for golf.
  9. Eat and drink for performance.
  10. Make sure your golf clubs fit your game.



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