AGA strives to provide standardized and systematic golf instructions to all level of golfers. Therefore, we have carefully selected our teaching team and all of our coaches are well-trained by the AGTF and well-experienced in professional golf teaching.

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AGA has a lot of training facilities which would help you to achieve your goals in golf easier and quicker.

We have different training equipments provided for training at our academy. No matter you are beginner or advanced player, AGA can help you improve and play better golf easily.

Training facilities included by not limited to:
  • K-Vest...most advanced 3D golf training system
    K-vest is a complete, interactive system that combines video analysis, 3D analysis and real-time feedback for golf learning and practicing. In mid-2007, K-Vest invited 10 American’s top 100 golf instructors to run tests on K-VEST and all of them commented that K-VEST is the most effective golf learning and practicing system in today’s golf industry.

    • Perfectly precise
    • Provide real-time audio and visual feedbacks.
    • Good for building correct muscle memories for prefect golf swing.
    • K-Vest automatically and precisely analyzes the swing from alignment to impact; generating swing summary that highlights 6 key swing areas for game improvement.

    PCM magazine and the Hi-TV did extensive coverage on K-VEST in Nov to Dec 2007, Click here to see more.
    Only available in AGA. For more K-vest training details, please call 6933 8068 or visit us at 2/F Olympian City 1, 11 Hoi Fai Road, Kln, Hong Kong.
  • Leaderboard...Training aids innovated by Steve Bann, the coach for KJ Choi , Stuart Appleby and Aaron Baddeley
    The most popular training device among the world’s best players for increasing their power and building a solid, repeatable golf swing was a hidden secret that could only be found in the PGA Tour’s mobile fitness centers.

    Why do the Tour Players Love the LeaderBoard?
    • Builds their core strength
    • Increases their Fitness
    • Increases their Power
    • Helps Build a solid repeatable golf swing

    AGA is now using Leaderboard to train our students now. For more information, please call 2271 4953/ 6933 8068 (hotline).
  • Explanar... effective swing training system
    The Explanar is a revolutionary development in golf instruction designed by Luther Blacklock. It is the complete golf training system based around the fundamental principles of the swing plane and the biomechanics of the body.

    It comprises of a hoop and a strut with calibrations to allow you to set the Explanar to your optimum swing plane.

    The Radial Stance Mat™ is integral and enables you to practice intentional draw and fade shots. The Plane Fin™ which is an essential reference point, will act as an indicator as to whether or not you are swinging on your optimum plane. The Power Roller™ trains/retrains and builds the golfing muscles creating a more dynamic and athletic swing.

    AGA is using Explanar to train our students now (adult and junior models available). For more information, please call 2271 4953/ 6933 8068 (hotline).
  • V1 Swing analysis system
    V1 golf swing analysis system allow us to compare our students with top tour players and let them understand what should they work on. You are what you see, and the analysis save a lot of guessing from the traditional golf training method.

    AGA now using V1 System to train our students now (adult and junior models available). For more information, please call 2271 4001(Olympian City)/ 6933 8068 (hotline).
  • The biggest Chipping and Putting green in the city!
    More than 9000 sq.ft with bunkers and others world-class training facilities!
    What’s more, it’s not flat, it’s not boring, it’s purely professional to have short game training with AGA!



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